Equipment Specifications: TW300SWU

Terra Wash LogoThe TW300 is intended to be the mainstay of our Soil Washing Units (SWU). The TW300SWU will have a production capability of 30 CY/hr (22.94M3/hr) of -12IN (-304.2mm) diameter soil particles/rocks. Larger units can be built, but daisy chaining TW300s can provide greater capacity. Road mobility is the limiting factor for an all-in-one unit like the TW300. We can build larger units with separate chasses for screening plants and processing tanks.

TW SRU muliple systems


    Preliminary Specifications:
  • Height: 13FT 6IN (4.12M)
  • Length: 45FT (13.71M)
  • Width: 10FT (3.66M)
  • Weight: 38,000lb (17.24MT)
  • Axle Capacity: 88,000lb (40MT)
  • Production capacity: <=30CYD/hr (22.94M3/hr)
  • Power requirements: <>=350Kw, 240/480 3ph VAC 60Hz
  • Variable speed motors
  • Number of tanks: 4, 500 gal. (2,000 gal)
  • Hitch type: U.S. 5th wheel
  • Screening unit: >=36IN dia trommel
  • Other: inverts, bentonite drilling mud
  • Air transportable or connex configurations possible
  • Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.